Welcome (back) to the Age of Conversation

Thankfully, the Age of Mass Marketing, in which each of us was converted into a fraction of a Nielsen rating point, is pretty much a memory. Marketing is no longer a one way street. It no longer happens to us. It happens with us. Voices carry across the Internet as they once did across town […]

Where am I? Where have I been? Where am I going?

I’ve been missing-in-action here for quite some time, and I’d like to thank everyone that emailed to check in and all of you that have kept a spot for me in your RSS reader through it all. I appreciate it. A combination of some insane virus that’s been stalking me like The Terminator and a […]

MyBlogLog equates SMOs with spammers

MyBlogLog just rolled out some nifty new tagging features today and in the process decided to slap some of their most ardent supporters and advocates in the face. Thanks folks.

The unsung power of outbound links

The W3C recommendation for HTML 4.01, refers to links as “one of the primary forces driving the success of the Web.” The ability to link to external resources is so fundamental to the Web’s success all you really have without it is an online library. Links make the Internet a social network. They are the […]

Obama’s MySpace page: Getting Owned in Social Media

U.S. Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is embroiled in controversy over how he obtained his MySpace page. Although some of the details are under dispute by both parties, it seems that generally what happened is…

PlugIM Button for Google Toolbar

PlugIM is a Digg-style social media site for internet marketers. There is a lot of great stuff there and I’ve been looking for a Google Toolbar button so that it would be easier for me to submit stories to it as well, but came up empty and so I’ve created one.

Mayday, mayday! The tale of Digg’s perfect storm and the pirate captain Kevin Rose

May Day 2007 started out as a typical day at Digg. Hordes of diggers were recommending tales of Ubuntu, Apple and Wii. Weary search marketers were cursing as usual at seeing their perfectly legitimate pieces of diggbait buried by mysterious hands. Then all of a sudden it hit – the perfect storm.

Those Mysterious Boxes in StumbleUpon

Ever wonder what those little boxes are in StumbleUpon next to the profile names? The blue boxes indicate how many fans a stumbler has. If a box is empty, it means that that they don’t have any fans. The boxes progressively fill up with blue as they get more fans. Once they have about 35 […]

Technorati Favorites Button for Google Toolbar

All of this talk of Technorati favorites due to the Dosh Dosh experiment got me searching for a Google Toolbar button so that I could easily search my Technorati favorites and add new sites to Technorati from the Google Toolbar. Since I couldn’t find one, I rolled my own.

Good, clean fun with Technorati Favorites

Maki over at the wonderful blog Dosh Dosh has been running an experiment that has to do with the Technorati bookmarking system. In a nutshell, Technorati tracks popular blogs in two ways: “Most linked to”, and “Most favorited”. While it can be extremely difficult to rank in the “Most linked to” list, the “Most favorited […]