PlugIM Button for Google Toolbar

PlugIM is a Digg-style social media site for internet marketers. There is a lot of great stuff there and I’ve been looking for a Google Toolbar button so that it would be easier for me to submit stories to it as well, but came up empty and so I’ve created one.

What does it do?

It’ll do three things for you:

  1. To add a site to PlugIM, just press the button.
  2. If want to search PlugIM, just fill in the search field and press the button.
  3. If want to view headlines from the RSS feed for published stories in PlugIM, just press the dropdown arrow.

Installing the toolbar button

To install the button on your Google Toolbar, simply click here.

I think you are going to need at least Google Toolbar v4 for Internet Explorer or the beta version of Google Toolbar v3 for Firefox installed in your browser for this button to work.

If you like Google Toolbar…

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