Technorati Favorites Button for Google Toolbar

All of this talk of Technorati favorites due to the Dosh Dosh experiment got me searching for a Google Toolbar button so that I could easily search my Technorati favorites and add new sites to Technorati from the Google Toolbar.

Since I couldn’t find one, I rolled my own.

What does it do?

Basically, it does two three things:

  1. To add a site to your Technorati favorites, just press the button.
  2. If want to search your Technorati Favorites, just fill in the search field and press the button.
  3. If want to view headlines from the RSS feed of your Technorati Favorites, just press the dropdown arrow. (thanks Andy!)

I’ll try adding a third function — a dropdown feed of your recent posts from sites in your Technorati Favorites a little later on this week, so check back. You’ll be able to easily update your button from within Google Toolbar so you’ll always have the most recent updates.

Installing the toolbar button

To install the button on your Google Toolbar, simply click here.

When you install it you’ll be asked for your Technorati member name. This is only used to constrain the Technorati search to your favorites. If you don’t include it, you’ll be searching everything in Technorati.

I believe you will need to have at least Google Toolbar v4 for Internet Explorer or the beta version of Google Toolbar v3 for Firefox installed in your browser for this button to work.

Looking for more useful toolbar buttons?

Andy Beard, who provided the code to add the RSS feed capability to this button over in another post while my comments system was borked, has some great ones over at his Toolbar Buttons blog.

They include a way to browse the RSS from Lee Odden’s OPML bookmarks file (some excellent SEO/SEM blogs!) and from Robert Scoble’s gargantuan collection of bookmarks. Both buttons tap into Alister Cameron’s Google CSE’s that search Lee Odden’s and Robert Scoble’s bookmarks respectively.