Need an RSS feed for DealDotCom’s daily deal?

I’ve been experimenting with developing an RSS feed for DealDotCom for another project and I think I have it mostly licked. I’ve been testing it in the sidebar here at SMOblog, and it seems to be working fine. What is Deal Dot Com? If you haven’t heard, it is essentially a clone of for […]

Google has me comfortably numb

I really enjoyed a comment by mlankton on my earlier post “Living in the Google Biosphere: The dreaded paid link”. In it, mlankton said: I’m with Google on this one. They made the better search engine. They made the yardstick for sites to measure themselves with. They have an interest in serps and pagerank meaning […]

Customize your RSS feed for BlogRush

So far I like BlogRush a lot and think it has great potential. One of the problems I see with it that can be improved upon then is that you cannot select what posts you would like to promote via BlogRush with your syndication credits. Why syndicate what you had for breakfast across the network? […]

BlogRush promotes your blog while you sleep

One of the best ways to promote your blog is to increase your exposure within your niche of the blogosphere. BlogRush has just arrived on the scene and promises to do exactly that with the added bonus that about the only thing you need to really do to get started is to signup for free, […]