BlogRush promotes your blog while you sleep

One of the best ways to promote your blog is to increase your exposure within your niche of the blogosphere. BlogRush has just arrived on the scene and promises to do exactly that with the added bonus that about the only thing you need to really do to get started is to signup for free, embed the widget in your sidebar, and pretty much forget about it.

BlogRush is a “co-op” for bloggers. Here is how it works…

BlogRush is a crafty little widget. Essentially, it has two parts:

The headlines area displays 5 headlines from the RSS feeds of other bloggers that blog within your niche and are a part of BlogRush. Each hit to a page of your blog rolls the dice and shows another set of headlines.

The most interesting part of this is that instead of distributing a fully random mix from participating bloggers, the system keeps track of how many times the widget on a particular blog has been viewed and assigns the blog “syndication credits” that are used automatically to syndicate stories on other participating blogs. In a nutshell, the more your blog puts into the system the more benefit it gets out.

And here is the twist of lemon that is going to give BlogRush some real zing…

For anything to achieve rapid adoption on the Internet there needs to be some aspect that screams to be viral. For this, take a look at the second part of the widget.

Each time someone clicks the bottom of the widget to add BlogRush to their blog, your blog gets credit for it. Furthermore, you continue to get some credit for each of the bloggers that that blogger brings into the service, and those that are brought by those bloggers, and so on – all the way down to ten tiers and you have what would look like a giant family tree with you as the Blogfather. All of these credits translate into “syndication credits” that are used to gain exponentially wider distribution for your blog.

Why BlogRush is going to be a big hit

There are a few reasons:

First, it’s going to provide an excellent source of free traffic for bloggers.

Second, the traffic should be targeted as BlogRush claims to have content analysis in place to help match the posts that are displayed with the blog hosting the widget.

Third, there is a tangible benefit to a blog’s readers as it highlights other related blog posts that they are likely to be interested in but may not have seen yet.

Fourth, the potential for exponential traffic growth through the syndication network should lead to rapid adoption.

Still it could be better (or at least have a change of clothes)

One thing I was surprised to find was that it only has the skin that you see featured in my sidebar. This is a shame, as aesthetics will probably prevent some bloggers from including it. Ideally, they’ll provide a way to skin it with different colors and looks from a wizard in the control panel and provide advanced users with the ability to fine tune it with CSS.

Where did this crazy thing come from?

BlogRush is the first component of John Reese’s to launch. With, John Reese hopes to provide the “ultimate community for entrepreneurs” involved in online marketing. If all of his ideas are as well thought out as this one, it’s going to be great.

Big benefits to joining early

As with many things on the Internet, there is a lot of potential benefit to early adopters. With BlogRush, take that and cube it. I’ve little doubt that this widget is going to be a big hit with bloggers and will eventually be as much of a mainstay as MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog have become.

Given the viral nature of the way the referral system works, there is a substantial advantage to getting started early and adding it to your blogs before the blogsphere has become saturated with it.

I strongly recommend giving BlogRush a try.


  1. wrote:

    The problem with blogrush is that if your blog does not get enough traffic then blogrush wont help you much. I think the tool needs some work yet.

  2. mblair wrote:

    Zuggu – that’s absolutely true as far as I can tell. Your going to already need to get some “traction” on the Internet in traffic in order to get enough syndication credits that you’ll notice the difference in traffic. It will be interesting to see if John Reese adds any programs tailored to specifically help blogs with little or no traffic.

    Still, I think for low traffic blogs, BlogRush still looks promising and here is why:

    I’d say that in general, if your blog doesn’t have that many visitors than your sidebar space is probably a bit more flexible than for higher traffic bloggers that may find it more difficult to carve out a slice of their sidebar without affecting their ad space and th resulting revenue.

    I’d say with a low traffic blog it is still worth experimenting with because it will work in conjunction with other revenue generating opportunities to magnify the results of whatever traffic you are able to generate.

    Plus, if you have a bit of luck, and someone in your readership ends up signing up for BlogRush via your widget and creating a popular blog, you could get syndication traffic far in excess of what you’d ordinarily expect with lower traffic levels.

    So, for a young or low readership blog, I think there is a fair amount of potential upside without any real downside at all — as long as you feel you can spare the space the widget takes and that it adds value to your visitors.

  3. Gilbert Traifalgar wrote:

    I dont rely on a single social media site for generating traffic on my blog. Mostly I join forums and multiple social media to increase my blog exposure.

  4. Text Messages wrote:

    Previously i have this blogrush widget on my blog to get some good traffic.But i only got few. I guess it really depends on the niche of your blog.

  5. Pinoy Money Talk wrote:

    Blogrush is one of a great way to get a good traffic. It may not be good enough but still can give traffic.

  6. Entrepreneurship wrote:

    It is now March 2008 and I recently dumped BlogRush, it ceased to bring in traffic and I think that the model needs to be reworked.

    I blogged about it here:

    If you are having more success with it than I did, I would appreciate some tips.

    Thanks for the post!


  7. maikeru76 wrote:

    This is worth a try. I am still getting my feet wet with blogging as of this moment. Good theory on how it works. I might as well add this to one of my blogs.

    Looks and sounds great but there is only one way for me to find out…

  8. Linkvana wrote:

    I’ve had some great success with BlogRush over the past year. Anything to get a little extra traffic right?

  9. Affiliate Marketing wrote:

    I’m going to try the BlogRush widget on my new blog just to see off this has a big impact on my traffic. Click my name to see it in action 😉

  10. Dinesh wrote:

    I’ll give this widget a try.

  11. No Xplode Reviews wrote:

    I know that this is an old post, but i’ve made some research about blog rush and to sum this widget up in 2 words: TOTAL CRAP.

  12. Louis - Beach Jewelr wrote:

    Just for your information the link is dead, let it rest in peace. Because all reviews are less then approving. Maybe the whole idea and the cover have the point but the implementation and the inside require improvement also as overpatching. Nice try but I will expect the nicest.