Need an RSS feed for DealDotCom’s daily deal?

DealDotCom -- RSS feeds for the daily dealI’ve been experimenting with developing an RSS feed for DealDotCom for another project and I think I have it mostly licked. I’ve been testing it in the sidebar here at SMOblog, and it seems to be working fine.

What is Deal Dot Com?

If you haven’t heard, it is essentially a clone of for Internet marketing products.

What is Well, essentially is a social shopping site where they sell one product a day at a deep discount and people discuss the product and share their thoughts. Not only is this invaluable way for businesses to move mass quantities of a product, it serves as a sort of impromptu focus group for that product as well. But I digress…

So, DealDotCom is essentially the same thing for Internet marketing products. These products are typically digital downloads such as e-books and software making this a perfect fit. The deals so far have been great.

As an added perk, they have an extremely good affiliate program – I haven’t really explored the full details about it but you can find more about it here. My understanding is that you get some kind of commissions for the life of the customer which is really rare in affiliate programs. Oh, but I digress again…

They’ve only launched a few days ago and have had some pretty interesting things on sale so far. If you want to aggressively market your website, I don’t think you can find an easier way to be exposed to such a wide variety of products at such low deals. I’ve been wanting to put it on my iGoogle home page.

If you haven’t signed up, checking it out it is completely free to signup. Is you do so via this link, I’ll get rewarded a bit if you ever end up buying something. If you want to check them out but don’t want to give me any credit 🙁 — you can do that too with this link.

Doesn’t DealDotCom have an RSS feed?

Actually, they do — but it uses really cryptic titles and includes a bunch of other stuff as it is sourced from their blog. I’ve got no idea what they are selling and for what price from the headline itself. That doesn’t work for me as I kept having to click through to see what the deal is. This feed I’ve set up has the daily deal and the price — much better for my busy lifestyle. If you are interested in subscribing to it to see the daily deals, you can do so here or with this address:

Please note, this feed uses my affiliate link in it. This won’t affect anything in the least, other than if you haven’t already signed up, I’ll get some rewards as I mentioned above. I’m working on a version of it where you can use your own affiliate ID once you have signed up to generate the link for use on your own blogs. If you are interested in beta testing this for me, please drop me a note on my contact form and give me your referral code and I’ll try to get a beta version for you to work with.

UPDATE 10/12: DealDotCom has published an official RSS feed for their daily deal here.