Are you a webpreneur? Join me at Bizquarium

A quick programming note — as my project backlog is beginning to even out I’m going to be returning to a posting schedule of 3 to 5 times a week here on SMOblog. I’ll be doing about the same over at Bizquarium

What is Bizquarium you ask?

I think it’s going to be a fun project. The ultimate goal is to create a website that helps bloggers, niche marketers, and other webpreneurs make the most out of their website using WordPress and other online applications. There are many topics that I am passionate about such as user interface development, SEO, email marketing and website optimization that I would like to cover and I’d like to keep SMOblog more focused.

If you have an interest in tricking out your blog or making more money online, pay me a visit over there and sign up for the Bizquarium RSS feed.

Please don’t be scared away by the newbie look of it all when you get there — I’m starting with the default WordPress theme on purpose. The Bizquarium website is going to be built up on the blog step by step — starting from scratch. Of course, along the way I’ll be mixing it up by covering a broad mix of topics related to the overall goal.

I’m interested in any feedback or suggestions that any of you may have in regards to Bizquarium. Feel free to comment on this post or on one of the ones over there.


  1. Ashwin Ramesh wrote:

    That a very novel idea mark!

    If we could just collaborate and create a way of optimizing wordpress or other applications to the maximum extent, that would be swell!

  2. Gal wrote:

    I like this name (webpreneur)…

  3. Alan wrote:

    There are so many web tools available. It will be nice when someday, a handy program is able to take the best features of all those tools, and make them into one easy-to-use application. Hopefully this web site will accomplish that, some way or another.

  4. mblair wrote:

    Over time I am hoping to develop into the kind of resource that you mentioned in your comment. There will be concise guides that highlight free and reasonably priced software solutions that make the job of the webpreneur a bit easier.

    Of course, the nature of the beast is that it is hard to roll this all into one application. The closest this comes, I believe, is to build a site on WordPress and to install a group of plugins that are tailored to accomplish what you need. This is one area I am definitely going to cover deeply over there.

  5. Dan Anton wrote:

    Sounds like a great idea as I am, like most others always looking for new innovative ways to promote a site, or niche market

  6. Linkvana wrote:

    Very cool idea man! I can see this helping a ton in the near future. Thanks a boat load!

  7. Ruby - Emo Hair wrote:

    Hi! i’ve never heard about this notion “webpreneur”, but indeed it is exactly wgat it is!!! that’s great! I hope Bizquarium will become a really nice project, and all the most interesting webpreneur will join it! good luck!

  8. Linkvana wrote:

    By the way man, I wanted to mention, if you need any help on developing this idea further maybe into a report, then email me.